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Doctors in ancient tribes of

Asia who heal with plants

Otaci, since 1955, has been a pioneer brand in the natural skincare, cosmetics and pharmaceutical world; the first ever herbal shampoo, first ever herbal throat lozenges and natural food supplements in its origin.

Healing Power of Nature & Science

Otaci aims to protect human health through the healing power of nature. Our vision is to be a global brand that used natural plant materials to help promote healthy skin  with environment-friendly and high-quality herbal products inspired by nature.

Otaci is the reliable, premium, local and the most honest natural and herbal alternative to the daily ritual of all personal care & cosmetics. Mediterranean rose is a unique miracle which provides: moisture, firmness, nourishment and softness to become your daily choice of skincare products.

Ispartan Rose (Rosa damascena)

The hills of Isparta in the Mediterranean are surrounded by a cloud of excitement in the magical month of May. With the sunrise, farmers make their way to the beautiful rose gardens of Isparta, a town known as the Capital of Roses in the Mediterranean. They handpick every single one of the petals of the most delicate and valuable flowers, Mediterranean Rose, “Rosa damascena”. Our delicate roses are rushed to our GMP approved pharmaceutical factory to create Otaci Rose Ritual with the most valuable oils & extracts of the Mediterranean Rose, “Rosa damascena”.

Rosa damascena forms a herbalist's floral ritual to purify, revive and hydrate the face and body. Made from this Mediterranean Rose, a miracle treatment that is indigenous to the city of Isparta, Otaci's skin products naturally promote beauty through formulas that optimize cellular moisture, firmness, nourishment and softness.

A herbalist's
What Makes Otaci Unique
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