It is 100% natural rose water, nothing else.


The hills of Isparta in the Mediterranean are surrounded by a cloud of excitement in the magical month of May. With the sunrise, farmers make their way to the beautiful rose gardens of Isparta, a town known as the Capital of Roses in the Mediterranean. They handpick every single one of the petals of the most delicate and valuable flowers, Mediterranean Rose, “Rosa damascena”. Our delicate roses are rushed to our GMP approved pharmaceutical factory to create Otacı Rose Ritual with the most valuable oils & extracts of the Mediterranean Rose, “Rosa damascena”.


Apply post make-up removal ritual as tonic to firm up your face and neck.

OTACI Rose Passion 100 % Natural Rose Water Hydrating Tonic

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  • ✔ 100% Natural

    ✔ Contains Only Natural Mediterranean Rose Water


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