OTACI: Doctors in ancient tribes of Asia who heal with plants


In 1955, Pharmacist Niyazi Kurtsan, an inspiring herbalist who fascinated by the miracles of nature and ancient healing methods, combined the modern techniques he used in pharmaceuticals with traditional remedies to create OTACI.


Today, we are still inspired by mother nature everyday and merge what we learn from her with science and technology to preserve health and beauty of human kind.


The innovative formula of OTACI Herbal Keratin Arginine Conditioner hydrates and softenes weak, damaged and treated hair with herbal keratin, derived from pumpkin and sugar cane. Arginine, a hair restructuring amino acid, supports flexibility and softness of your hair, while helping your your to keep its dye/color longer for a healthy and radiant hair. Beet extract nourishes, hydrates and leaves your hair smooth, while adding deep moisture and shine.


Otaci Herbal Keratin Arginine Hair Conditioner

SKU: 140934
  • ✔ Herbal Keratin

    ✔ Beet Extract

    ✔ Provitamin B5 (Panthenol)

    ✔ Arginine





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    ❌ Vaseline

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